5 Things You Should Know BEFORE Leaving Your 9-5

To Pursue Your Passions


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Klaudia Saniewska

Founder CEO at lowkeyhappiness

During This Free Training You Will Learn:

  • The Top 5 Things To Know Before Leaving Your 9-5 To Pursue Your Passions: After leaving my corporate job of 8 years to pursue my passions full-time, I'm giving you the inside scoop of the most important things I learned prior to leaving.

  • How Passion Projects Can Change Your Life: Do you want to eventually work for yourself but don't know where to begin? Maybe you don't even know what you're passionate about? I'll be showing you how passion projects can help you figure that out!

  • The Step-by-Step Process For Developing Your Passions: You'll learn the exact process I followed to overcome my Quarter-Life Crisis by developing my passions and turn them into my life's work.

Meet Your Presenter.

Hi, I'm Klaudia and I'm passionate about empowering others to realize their talents and potential. That's why I founded lowkeyhappiness, where I guide others to develop their personal strengths and passions to reach greater fulfillment in life through self-discovery and process-oriented coaching, online courses and accessible content.

I went from feeling unfulfilled with working a corporate 9-5 job to becoming a serial entrepreneur, working on things that I find meaningful on a daily basis.

I believe everyone has something unique to offer the world and my mission is to help people realize this potential within themselves.

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